​ The Chimney Clinic

Lesson #6

Common Fire Codes- A complete listing of the most common fire codes associated with NFPA fire code 211. In a easy to use quick reference guide.

Lesson #5

Types of Chimney Pipe and Lining- The are many different types of chimney pipe such as single wall, double wall and triple wall. Learn what type is which and which would be the best for you.

Lesson #4

Chimney Leaks- Chimneys can leak because of a multitude of issues. We describe the most common leak issues and how to determine which one might be plaguing your chimney.

Lesson #3

Fireplace Dampers and Repairs- The damper in the fireplace may malfunction. Either sliding out of track, flipping over or sticking shut. Learn about dampers and how to fix them here.

We believe education is the key to customer service. In our instructional section we will post How To videos for home owners that want to try repairs themselves along with many other facts and information to better inform you as the homeowner.


Chimney Anatomy 101- Chimney anatomy will teach you all the trade names and specifics for the construction of chimneys. Along with definitions of terms used in the chimney industry.


Firewood- We have a detailed list of the types of firewood, how firewood is measured and the actual BTU of each variety of wood.