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​​The Chimney Clinic offers the residents of Erie, Crawford, Venango and Mercer counties the best chimney service possible. Our 25 years of experience in the chimney industry, 10+ years in the fire service and on going training make us the most qualified chimney service in the tri-state area. We have tested with the CSIA. Obtaining our certification in the NFPA code 211 and the IRC building code. We are members of the NFPA, BBB, National Guild of Chimney Sweeps. Chimney fires are still a leading cause of house fires in the United States. Simple education of homeowners of safe burning habits and having your system evaluated by a QUALIFIED chimney professional can prevent tragedy from occurring. Your safety and welfare is our mission goal. We will continue to train and better ourselves in order to protect you and your home while we are there and long after we are gone. We protect you, your loved ones and neighbors while offering the best chimney service in the area.

​As the owner of The Chimney Clinic comes the knowledge of the fire service. As a company with a fire service background we can better serve you and your family. I joined the fire service in Edinboro in 2000. The time there was spent training to help the residents of Edinboro with all Emergencies that might arise. I also spent time at West County Paramedics serving the residents of West County. It was my pleasure during that time making great friends and helping those in need in the western part of the county. This background in the fire service adds to our expertise focusing on safe installations and safe systems. We have tested with the NFPA fire code and IRC building codes. This knowledge is what sets us apart from other companies. We want your home to be a safe home for you and your family.

​The family business grew as I learned the trade of the chimney industry myself. There are no other chimney services that have as much experience in the field. As the picture shows me cleaning my first chimney at the age of 4. I worked for my fathers company through all positions and now own and operate my own successful chimney service. The chimney industry has been around for hundreds of years. We want to educate homeowners in safe burn habits so our trade can continue to be around for a hundred more.

Our Chimney sweep Origin

My father was a hard working man with the heart of an entrepreneur. One day while reading a copy of "Mother Earth News" an article caught his eye. In the midst of the 70's the nation found itself in an energy crisis. The article illustrated how extra money could be earned by cleaning chimneys, thus a family business was born in 1978.

About US

The Chimney Clinic

The Chimney Clinic was originally formed as "A Sooty Solution Chimney Specialist's"

when two long time friends created a chimney service which offered chimney cleaning in Erie along with being a simple chimney sweep. The business was based on experience, skill in the industry and knowledge from the fire service. A Sooty Solution was in business for 5 years when one of the founding members decided to pursue a career with the Pennsylvania State Police. The partnership had to end so one could follow a dream career while the other continues to serve as the owner and operator of

"The Chimney Clinic"