​ The Chimney Clinic

Q - What is involved in a "Normal" cleaning and inspection?

A - A normal cleaning and inspection involves several things. The chimney sweep hired should be certified in NFPA fire code and the IRC building code. If they aren't then they simply do not even know what they are looking for. A sweep should place floor coverings down in front of the work area and use a specially designed vacuum made just for cleaning chimneys. A Standard shop vac will not do at all and could blow soot all through the home because its filter isn't designed for it. The inspection should cover the interior and the exterior focusing on safety listed in fire code and construction listed in building code.

Q - How much does it normally cost to clean a chimney?

A - The average rate to clean a chimney is between $125.00-$275.00 depending on the company. Some companies charge more to remove a wood stove or by how high it is. You also have to remember you get what you pay for. Our chimney cleaning is a fixed rate. We use a spinning technology which cleans better than any other system. This also allows us to clean every creosote type. So it doesn't matter if its three stories or 1 story. We charge the same rate. We also offer a progressive discount to our regular customers. This means you only pay full price once. After that you will always receive 10% off your cleaning even in the busy season. However if you schedule in our off season you can receive up to 20% off. We also can sign you up for a reminder list, which we will send you a post card saying its time to clean that chimney!

Q - What areas do you service?

A - We wish we could service everyone that calls, however we are limited to our service area. We are such a specialized service we are try to reach everyone within a hour drive of our home base in Edinboro, PA. This includes all of Erie County, Crawford County and parts of Mercer and Venango Counties. Some of these places include the following...

Erie, Millcreek, Harborcreek, Lawrence Park, North East, Girard, Fairview, Edinboro, Springfield, Albion, Waterford, Mill Village, Corry, Titusville, Franklin, Oil City, Greenville, Centerville, Guys Mills, Townville, Union City, Wattsburg, Rocky Grove, Espyville and everyplace in between. If your not on the list just call and see if we cover you area!


here are some of our more frequently asked questions we receive at the chimney clinic

Q - How long does a cleaning usually take?

A - A cleaning on average takes between 45-60 minutes depending on the system and its level of build up.