​ The Chimney Clinic

Our complete list of training

Greg the company owner considers himself one of the best trained chimney professionals in the tri-state region. His expertise is regularly called upon by insurance companies and real estate agents for professional advice. He is also considered an expert witness and his testimony has been used in court cases against other chimney companies. Greg has taken classes for the chimney service along with public service. We are credited by the better business bureau and members of the National Guild of Chimney Sweeps. Here is a list of Gregs classes and certifications to date.

  • Chimney safety institute Exam
  • CSIA fire code exam
  • IRC building code exam
  • Stainless steel Chimney Relining
  • Draft Issues and trouble shooting
  • Earth Stove Pellet and Gas Installation
  • Emergency Medical Technician
  • CPR
  • Pennsylvania Police Academy 
  • Essentials of Firefighting
  • Basic vehicle Rescue
  • Advanced Vehicle Rescue
  • Ropes and high angle rescue
  • Engine company operations
  • Truck Company operations

We truly believe education is the best service we provide. A homeowner knowledgeable in Fire safety and proper wood burning can enjoy a fire in the home for years to come. A homeowner without proper education would only lead to tragedy and loss of property. We always strive to stay ahead of the others and lead the way for our industry. Call today to schedule an appointment.