​ The Chimney Clinic

Draft Issue:

A fireplace that smokes usually can be several things. You want to eliminate the possibility of a downdraft. The next thing is simply a few questions to ask yourself.

1. Has the fireplace always smoked?

2. Did it just start smoking?

If the fireplace has always smoked it could be a possibility of poor construction and the chimney is not high enough, or if its a newer home the house being to air tight and the fireplace suffering from what is known as a stack effect.

If the system just started smoking, it could be as easy as. Did you install any new windows into the home? This could effect the draft ratio making a older home more efficient but starving the fireplace for air. Sometimes a fireplace just needs warmed up also and a lit newspaper in the damper will solve the cold flue issue. Also try cracking a window in the room where the fireplace is. Call us for a check up!