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Is your flashing leaking?

Are your bricks falling apart?

Need a new cap or a crown?

No worries! We have the prescription for you.

Our Repair Services

We are locally owned and operated by a owner who is a second generation chimney specialist. We can repair and seal brick exteriors. We can repair or seal cement crowns. We also specialize in flashing repairs. If your chimney or roof is leaking in the general area of the chimney. We can fix it guaranteed! Years of service in the field and arguing with roofers have made us the best in the business. We say our motto is, "We fix what everyone else can't" 

So don't feel flustered about issues that never get repaired correctly. We will guarantee a repair and point out any issues we see present. We offer general masonry services as well. So if its as simple as one brick or the whole chimney our restoration crew and fix that chimney issue.

So now matter your chimney problem we can help you by repairing your flashing, crown or mortar joints. We can rebuild the whole chimney or simply fix up a few bad spots. We off free estimates on all or chimney repairs!

Chimney Structure:

​The exterior structure of the chimney itself can be constructed out of many materials such as block, stone  or brick. The bricks themselves are exposed to the elements and normally show signs of damage early on through spalling. Spalling in the process where a brick absorbs water and then freezes in the winter. When the water expands it will pop off the brick face. This can be prevented by a coat of high grade professional waterproofing. The other point to be concerned about in the exterior are the mortar joints. The mortar between the brick hold the entire chimney together. When the moray weakens or falls out the bricks may fall out. This can be repaired by tuck pointing the chimney structure itself.


The flashing of the chimney is where the part where the chimney and the roof meet each other. The flashing prevents water from entering the home and is actually considered part of the roof. The flashing is usually made of metal and can either be step flashed or in some circumstances lap flashed. In a majority of cases where homeowners report leaking in their home it is caused by the flashing. The flashing can easily be repairs with synthetic and should NEVER be repaired with silicone or tar.

Exterior Restoration

Cement Crown:

​The cement crown is the top of the chimney and can be considered the roof of the chimney itself. It helps prevent rain and snow from entering the top of the chimney. Sometimes this cement can crack or split allowing rain to penetrate the chimney and causing more damage to the inside of the chimney.

A major part of our business is restoration services. We offer chimney rebuilding and restoration depending on the severity of the chimney issue. Sometimes the only way to repair a chimney correctly is to tear it down and rebuild it. However sometimes the best way is to consider a restoration of the system instead. A restoration can include brick repair and individual brick replacements. Why tear a chimney down when only a couple of bricks maybe bad.

The Three main parts of the exterior of the chimney are:

The Crown

The Flashing

Chimney structure itself.