​ The Chimney Clinic

The true details of professionalism are in the experience in the trade. We take pride in what we do and have standard procedures for all jobs including the process we use in order to clean a chimney.

The process of chimney cleaning has been around for hundreds of years. The earliest records all come from Europe where the chimney sweep is a symbol of good luck and a desired trade. We are a chimney sweep company based out of Edinboro, PA but specialize in chimney cleaning in Erie, PA and its surrounding communities. We utilize the latest in technology to better serve you as a customer.

Although the process of cleaning the chimney hasn't changed to much in a hundred years. HOW to clean the chimney certainly has changed and thats what sets us apart from our competition. We have set procedures in place that we use on every job site to ensure dust control and eliminate any damage to the home. We use the latest spinning technology to provide the best "Chimney Cleaning" possible. Chimney's maybe created equally but chimney sweeps are not!

Chimney cleaning

The Process of Cleaning

We have a process to our cleaning procedures which over time has proven itself to be the best way to clean a chimney and reduce and eliminate ALL dust and debris in the home.

1. We lay floor coverings (runners) from the entrance of the home to the work area, whether it is a fireplace or a woodstove.

2. The floor in front of the work area is then covered with a cloth mat 12'x12' this keeps the floor and carpeting clean during the process.

3. A work mat made of canvas is also used to protect the cloth mat and add extra protection to the floor.

4. We then bring into your home our Soot Sweeper vacuum which is a special vacuum made just for cleaning chimneys. The vacuum helps with dust control and debris removal. A trick we use, is the use of a small amount of deodorant in the filter. This adds a slight bubble gum smell to the air and eliminates any wood or smoke odors discharged from he vacuum.

5. We then clean most systems from the inside, this helps reduce soot and dust simply because you are present to observe its presence If any at all.

6. After cleaning the flue, depending on the system we will clean, the smoke chamber and smoke shelf in fireplaces which is a critical point. We also clean the stove pipe and wall thimbles in appliance configurations.

7. Then we finally clean the glass of the fireplace or woodstove. YES we do the glass too! its part of the overall process.

8. Finally we go to the roof and inspect the entire system for safe use and make sure it does not need any repairs. We then remove all of our tools and covering from your home. Leaving everything as we found it without a trace a chimney sweep was even there.

We use a rotary system to clean which is known in the industry as "Spinning". There are different rotary cleaning heads for different applications, from soft brushes to more aggressive brushes for heavier build up. There is a brush for every Degree of Creosote.The spinning head is lowered into the chimney and spins cleaning the liner surface. In comparison to the old brush and pole method, there is none. I joke with my customers saying I feel like I should give refunds to everyone who I cleaned with a brush. The spinning method does a much better job. The spinning method also includes glazed creosote removal. Many other companies charge extra for this process. We include it in our base price.