​ The Chimney Clinic

Wildlife removal

We provide a general service of wildlife removal from most chimney systems. It is very common for animals like raccoons, squirrels and chipmunks to take up residence in your chimney. The structure provides the perfect little dwelling to raise their young. It is more common to see birds nesting in some chimneys or the occasional bird that may get trapped in a chimney and meet a early demise. Either situation is not good for the chimney or the health of the homeowner. Animals can carry disease and birds and their dropping promote other air borne diseases. The installation of a chimney cover with animal guard can prevent these critters from entering your chimney and causing damage.


  • Birds will nest in the early to late spring raising their young.
  • ​Animals especially raccoons will enter and exit early morning and late evening
  • Chimney swifts fly vertical and attach their nests to the inside of chimneys
  • Chimney swifts and brown bats are a protected species.

Our service

We can assist you in the removal of live or dead animals and birds. We can also recommend the correct size chimney cover to prevent the occurrence from happening again. If you would like more information on these services please feel free to contact us. 

Animal and nest removal