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PROUDLY SERVING ERIE, MEADVILLE, TITUSVILLE, FRANKLIN, OIL CITY along with all Other locations in Erie and Crawford Counties.

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 If you question the reliability and safety of your chimney and burning appliance. We have solutions to get your systems safe and ready to use along with new installs available. We use the knowledge of years worth of training and service in the field to bring you the best possible chimney service. We pride ourselves on our Honesty an Integrity to give 100% neutral advice and inspection results that homeowners have trusted for more years than any other service.

Founded & Operated by Local Firefighters


Offering Dedication and Professionalism to the Chimney Industry

Many say The Chimney Clinic is the best chimney service in northwest Pennsylvania. We specialize in chimney cleaning in Erie, PA.  While offering Chimney Inspections and Chimney repairs as well. We service all of  Erie County,  Crawford County, Venango County and parts of Mercer County. We are a complete chimney service specializing in chimney safety and construction. We are best known for our expertise in Fireplaces and Chimney Fire Restoration.

We are  accredited and Tested with the Chimney Safety Institute of America, a member of the National Chimney Sweep Guild, The NFPA and are firefighters locally in Northwest PA. 

The most important feature we offer to our customers is piece of mind. We acquired our certification with the CSIA institute or otherwise known as the Chimney Safety Institute of America. So you can rest assured by picking us as your chimney sweep, your home will be the safest on the block while we are there and well after our service is completed.

So If your chimney needs a check up, schedule your appointment with the chimney clinic today!

Operating a business based on the knowledge and safety fundamentals of firefighting. We offer a superior service that can be matched by no other company in the tri-state area. The Knowledge goes back generations starting younger than any other chimney company in the area. We offer our services with the confidence and knowledge to keep you and your family safe during the burning season. Our qualifications are second to none.


  • ​Full floor coverings from door to unit
  • ​Specialized Vacuum for mess free experience
  • POWER Cleaning of system and ash removal
  • 23 Point Inspection Based on NFPA code 
  • Glass Cleaning of system fireplace or wood stove
  • Damper lubrication and adjustment
  •  Consultation and review of system

Why we are the better choice

  • Floor covering from door to fireplace or wood stove.
  • Large floor covering at work site to ensure a dust free zone.
  • We use only CERTIFIED HEPA industrial vacuums made for the chimney industry. With the HEPA certification it means no worries about mess!!!
  • We use a mechanical spinning technology to clean all our systems. It does a much better job than that old brush and stick method.
  • NO hidden fees! We have no hidden charges like other companies and offer impartial solutions to all issues.
  • We have the most experience and certifications than any other company in Northwest PA. 
  • We are fully insured and educated in the field.
  • MORE TRAINING and CERTIFICATIONS than ANY other Chimney company in the Tri-State region.


  • ​Full floor coverings from door to unit
  • 23 Point Inspection Based on NFPA code and the IRC Building code
  • ​Camera inspection system when needed at no extra charge!
  •  Consultation and review of system
  • Basic inspection covers all aspects of accessible location. If a more in depth inspection is needed we offer Level 2 and level 3 inspections as well.

Leaks, Cleaning, Inspection & More!

Greg is the company owner and has been in the chimney industry his entire life. Originally working for his fathers company and now owning his own business. Greg has been certified with the CSIA and also has a background in firefighting and public safety. As owner of the company he also has several products listed with distributors as a result of his own product development. He can help you with any problem that may arise and at his age has more experience than ANY other company.

Our Services

Meet The Sweeps

Our Chimney Specialist's are here to help you with all aspects of your chimney system, from new installations to simple cleanings. The staff at The Chimney Clinic have the right treatment for your sick chimney.  Owner Greg Goss has 25 years of experience as a 2nd generation chimney professional. We offer more knowledge and certifications than any other chimney sweep in the tri-state area. Not to mention we Guarantee ALL of our work and labor!

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Professional Chimney Cleaning in Erie, PA